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These are stories about life, love and loss – the in-between moments that string together the tales of Central Pennsylvania’s aging community.

Twelve Penn State journalism students, part of an inaugural advanced multimedia class, reported on stories that illuminated some of the community’s older residents – a farmer forced by circumstances to sell his farm, great-grandparents caring for their great-grandchild, a women caring for both of her parents and a friend, as well as ruminations on love and loss.

We follow their daily routines, capture their families on camera and asked the delicate questions we sometimes tiptoe around. They shared their struggles, their thoughts and their time, allowing us to capture a small piece of their world.

In turn, we attempted to bring their words to life using video, audio, photography, (and even a little animation). We’ve collected our stories here, on this website, hoping to give you a taste of what it’s like to grow older in and around Happy Valley.

We were only able to tell the stories of a handful of the 17,000 Centre County residents over the age of 65. We hope that you will continue the conversation and share your stories with us and the rest of the community. Use the “Submit Your Stories” button at the top of the website to send us your story or contact us.

by Carley Mossbrook

Thank you for taking the time to look.

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