On to Greener Pastures


Terry Branstetter is a 69-year-old farmer from Warriors Mark. He was faced with a difficult decision early last year when he decided to sell off land and machinery from his farm and go into early retirement in order to manage an impending divorce settlement.

Branstetter credits his family, friends, and neighbors for helping him through a tough time in his life, saying, “if you surround yourself with good people, good things will happen to you.”

Approximately 350 acres of his 440-acre farm will be sold and/or leased to a young dairy farmer, Ryan Clark. Branstetter remains hopeful that Clark will find work for him to do on the tractor during the summer hay seasons. He says, “If you stop working, you die… And I’m not ready to die just yet.”

About The Contributor

Lauren Lewis is a student at Penn State studying print journalism and French.

Lauren always thought that she had to do either journalism or advocacy, but she’s quickly learning that the two have more common ground than the world would have you believe. She wants to use her ability to tell compelling stories in a way that empowers and gives voices to those who are underrepresented. Lauren loves to experience new places and is a language-learning aficionado.

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