Two is Better Than One


If you bumped into Jean and Roger Sovocool in the grocery store or on the street, you’d assume the two lovebirds have been living in marital bliss for decades. But the 89-year-old man and 94-year-old woman are almost newlyweds, having tied the knot just six years ago.

After losing her second husband, Jean moved to The Village at Penn State to be closer to the eldest of her five children. Around the same time and also at the urging of one of his children, Roger and his first wife Doris moved to The Village as well. After losing Doris to Parkinson’s, Roger met Jean in the dining hall one evening. And from there, an unexpected love blossomed.

 About the Contributor

 Watching my mom re-enter the dating world after the loss of my dad inspired me to capture what it is like to fall in love again when the prospect of 50 years together is off the table.

Zoe is graduating from Penn State University with a degree in visual communications. She is moving to Thailand to work for Documentary Arts Asia, a documentary photography non-profit that focuses in Asian social issues.

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