Who we are

Some couples will meet in high school, and some through a matchmaker in Israel. Some families are large enough to fill three minivans, others have enough brothers to fill a monastery. Families grieve. Families uproot and replant on new soil. Some families are biological. Some are defined by friendship. Families gather around a birthday cake, or squeeze a hand during a trip to the hospital. These are the moments that define where and to who we belong and who we consider to be our kith and kin.

Since January, eight Penn State students have worked to find families within the State College community who have created their own version of family.

We are incredibly grateful to the families who have given us the opportunity to tell their story. Thank you for being a part of our kith and kin.

Ruoyi Li

Morganne Mallon

Brittany Smith

Megan Henney

Sydney Grau

Haley Nelson

Gabrielle Chappel

Elana Carroll