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Double the Loss

by Megan Magee 3.27.2020

Lindsay and Elena Gerrato had their lacrosse season cut short by the coronavirus

Elena, left and Lindsay Gerrato. The two sisters play lacrosse for Union College in Schenectady, NY. ~ photo courtesy of Union College

Not only sisters, but teammates, Lindsay and Elena Gerrato’s season was just getting underway for Union College’s women’s lacrosse team when their season was abruptly cut short.

After receiving an email that a staff member tested positive for coronavirus and alerting all students to leave campus, Lindsay still held out hope that this wouldn’t be the end of her junior season.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Lindsay said. “I thought we’d be back up and running in two weeks and was treating it like a break.”

When the Liberty League announced all spring sports would be suspended indefinitely, Lindsay began to process what this really meant.

“We went out on our last game losing and then I thought about the seniors and how awful this was for them, they’d never get a senior day or get to finish their last season,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay, a midfielder and an economics major, recorded 15 goals in the three games of the 2020 season.

Elena, a freshman midfielder, reflected on her love for the game of lacrosse and her decision to take her athletic career to the collegiate level.

“People that play lacrosse in college do it because they want to not because they have to,” Elena said. “Not only do I love the sport, but I also love the community the team has given me. I have formed so many relationships and friendships that I would have never formed anywhere else.”

Before they left campus, the team threw the seniors an impromptu senior day, honoring them with gifts and speeches to try and make up for what would be lost.

After returning home to Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, Lindsay’s and Elena’s new reality consists of running outside every day and lifting cases of water bottles in the garage to try and stay in decent shape during quarantine.

~ photo courtesy Union College

“It helps that I have Elena because we hold each other accountable and also our team talks every day and gives each other ideas of home workouts and workout videos to use,” Lindsay said.

Their coaching staff has done their part by frequently checking in with each team member to make sure everyone’s OK. They’ve also sent them some workout videos and tips to keep sane under quarantine at home.

“I’ll use this time at home to practice lacrosse as much as I can and to work my hardest to improve from my last season because again, it could be stopped at any time,” Elena said.

Union College works on a trimester schedule which means last week was their finals week, this week was spring break, and then they will begin a new trimester. Outside of exercising, the Gerrato sisters spend their free time watching movies, learning new Tik Tok dances, and playing games as a family.

“COVID-19 really taught me that nothing lasts forever and that I can’t take anything for granted,” Elena said. “I should cherish the moments I have with my friends and make as many memories as I can because who knows, it may be taken away from me like it has been due to coronavirus this season.”


  • Megan Magee

    Megan Magee is a senior majoring in Digital and Print Journalism from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.

April 1, 2020

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Megan Magee

Megan Magee Megan Magee is a senior majoring in Digital and Print Journalism from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.

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