Written by Emily Overdorf

Free to be Yourself
by Emily Overdorf

Free to be Yourself by Emily Overdorf

Eric Ian Farmer was born in State College, but grew up in North Carolina while his father attended school. Returning to the area about six years ago, Eric pursued a doctorate in educational leadership at Penn State. His goal was to possibly start a self-sustaining school, after having taught high school students in urban and rural neighborhoods such as Colorado and California.

Eric quickly realized that his messages of finding personal identity and hope could be translated and connected through his music. Eric began playing nightly gigs at local bars and attending lyric writing workshops all over Centre County. After earning his doctorate in education just this past August, Eric knew he wanted to continue being a musician. He soon began connecting his goal of education through his music, singing of stories and about being true to yourself. Eric’s journey continues as he hopes to help people find the beauty in life through the experience of his musical performances.