Student Projects 2013

Three long days full of hard work, not a small amount of anxiety, brain numbing technical information, the pressure of making deadline and the fun of telling stories paid off once again as our students produced some wonderful video.  Thanks to everyone for your hard work!







Dave Cole

James Avery is retired and lives just just outside of Gettysburg, Pa. where he spends his time as a ghost storyteller in the Farnsworth House in downtown Gettysburg. Avery spends much of his time researching paranormal history through his study of “parageneology,” a term he coined. Video by Dave Cole







Darran Simon

Spiros Marinos is the curator of the Battlefield Military Museum at Gettysburg. He knows every inch of the museum, in part because he grew up there. Video story by Darran Simon







Alisa Booze Troetschel

A Menonite woman who began working at farmer’s markets when she was just a toddler talks about what keeps her coming back, even on a 95-degree day. Video story by Alisa Booze Troetschel







Michael Bupp

Performing miniature horses located in picturesque Adams County, Pa. Video story by Michael Bupp







Heather Starr Fiedler

Pittsburgh Mom takes a road trip to Gettysburg. Video story by Heather Starr Fiedler







Abby Drey

Penn State student Zach Siggins is spending the summer as an interpreter intern at Gettysburg National Park. Video story by Abby Drey/Centre Daily Times







Abby Drey

Pat Stutsman honors Civil War veterans by volunteering his time to repaint the memorials at the Gettysburg National Cemetery. Video story by Abby Drey/Centre Daily Times







Dave Andrews

The town of Gettysburg is lodged in the splinters between the past and the present. In a town of attractions and gimmicks, Rob Gibson’s 19th century photography is considered by many, including Hollywood filmmakers, to most accurately portray the present in yesterday’s past. Video story by Dave Andrews







Jim T. Ryan

Gettysburg’s buildings are pockmarked with reminders of the great battle that happened there 150 years ago. Video story by Jim T. Ryan







Vanessa Martinez

A Gettysburg coffee shop that caught fire in both 2004 and 2010, has managed to keep business running smoothly after each recovery period. Jacob Schindel, the owner of The Ragged Edge Coffee House and a Gettysburg Councilman, had to relocate to one of his other three businesses during the rebuilding for both fires. Video story by Vanessa Martinez







Kelly Tunney

Figurines, fountains, life-size replicas. Ed Gotwalt has elephants. Fifteen thousand of them. The 77-year-old from Orrtanna, Pa, has been collecting elephants for 40 years. After a 2010 fire destroyed his candy shop and damaged his elephant museum, elephant donations poured in from across the country to rebuild his collection.
“I spent more time crying, not about the fire but about people being so daggone nice,” he says. “It’s a good world.”
Video story by Kelly Tunney







Lizi Arbogast

A three-sport star in high school contemplates his next move. Video story by Lizi Arbogast







Eleanor Bailey

Childhood dreams do come true. Video story by Eleanor Bailey







Jessica Paholsky

Jean, Craig and Kyle Arentz reflect on their memories and views as three generations of farmers in Littlestown, Pa. Video story by Jessica Paholsky







Heather Stauffer

Louis Walsh intended to be a fine artist but turned to street art, drawing portraits and caricatures on the streets of Gettysburg. Video story by Heather Stauffer







Thom Baggerman

Joan Pore is one of the many volunteers who makes a visit to the National Cemetery at Gettysburg a memorable experience. Video story by Thom Baggerman







Jeremy Long

Jennie Wade was the only civilian killed during the battle of Gettysburg. Her story is told by Janice Miller and Roger Troxell, tour guides at the Jennie Wade House Museum. Video story by Jeremy Long







Savannah Smith

Tish Hilbert and her husband, Del, own and operate Victorian Photography Studio in Gettysburg, Pa. They specialize in both wet plate (colloidal) and digital Victorian Era and Civil War style photography. Photography and production by Savannah Smith








Eileen Joyce

The new Seminary Ridge Museum in Gettysburg will let visitors visit the cupola at the top of their building. It’s a chance for visitors to stand in the same spot as Union General John Buford 150 years later. Video story by Eileen Joyce






Heather Hottle

 Jerry LaRussa shares the history of Gettysburg with the young and old. Video story by Heather Hottle/Centre Daily Times









Andy Conte

A costume shop allows visitors to slip into the history of Gettysburg. Video story by Andy Conte